About us

At Edelsmederij Kircher Schmuck we like to create your favorite jewel with passion and craftsmanship. Here you are what matters the most. Because jewelry is just as important to us as the one wearing them; a mutual pleasure! Come by non-committal at our shop and get a companion forged that always wants to be worn.

Have you always wanted a self-designed ornament? Or have you inherited an jewel with emotional value, but it doesn't really fit your style? Are you searching for fitting earrings with your ring or a hand forged ring in your size? Have you had a damaged or broken jewel at home for the longest time and you want to get it fixed? Then you are at the right address; we forge your ambitions, wishes and love into a personal jewel.

Exclusive design

We design jewelry that match your personality or phase of life, with your ideas and wishes we listen to what the material is telling us. With love and attention we can look together at what fits you, we stride together in detail and create a favorite jewel for life. 

Owner Kerstin Kircher: One day a woman with the age of 85 walked in our store. She just got her ears pierced and wanted to celebrate this with earrings that were only for her. It was lovely to see that the woman walked out of the store as she was new born. With an exclusive design with a gem that represents her turning point.

Do you also want a jewel that represents a new phase of life or gives you new energy to live to the fullest, with a marching gem or pearl? Come by non-committal at our shop and reward yourself with a personal jewel.